Thank you Valparaiso Police Department!

If you came across someone thinking of suicide, would you know what to do?  Well, we just completed another ASIST Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training!  We had a great group who are now ready, willing, and able to help!

Thank you Valparaiso Police Department for hosting it.  We are very appreciative. This is such a difficult and touchy topic - one we do not like to discuss.  In fact, we dislike it so much, we even convince ourselves it is not a problem in our community. is a problem.  In Porter County, suicide rates were high in 2007, they dropped in 2008, and then increased again in 2009.  According to the Post-Trib, while we have seen a decrease in drug related deaths, this year's suicide rates have almost DOUBLED when compared to last year.  This is an issue we cannot ignore!

Let's talk about it!

Information taken from:
Drug deaths on decline, suicides up
Suicides surge in county; seek help, coroner urges

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