New Year’s Resolutions: Here we go again! ~

Every year, we do it!   We make New Year’s resolutions.  We promise this year will be different.   From this point forward we promise to live in the moment, to eliminate stress, to LOSE WEIGHT, blah, blah, blah.  Then its March and we begin to go back to old patterns.  Life goes on, problems arise, summer comes, and we backslide.  Before we know it, fall and winter roll around and we wonder……where did the year go?   With another year gone, we try again.  WOW, that was fun!

In fact, research shows that while 75% percent of us make it past the first week, less than 1/2 of us make it past 6 months!  So, we have to ask ourselves why!  Why do we start things and not finish?   Well, if you’re reading this hoping I have a quick, easy answer, sorry! I don't! What I do know is this…every day is about change.  We don’t need New Year’s to start over, nor do we need Monday to begin a diet.  However, there is one thing we should take to heart when creating change in our lives:


Think about it.  Drama is nothing more than the excuses we use to keep us stuck.  Most of the problems in our lives involve drama.  It’s the drama we create, or the drama others create around us.  Either way, we hold onto it like an addiction.  We say we hate how busy we are, how things don’t work out right, how others cause this problem or that, yet we keep going back for more.  We know Einstein said that the "definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."  DRAMA!!!

Stop expecting different results….create new ones!

How?   Here are some suggestions:

1) CREATE A VISION:   It all starts with a plan.  How can you live the life you want if you don’t even know what that looks like?  Imagine your ideal life and then write down what you see, i.e., “In my ideal life I….”   Then, be specific.  Don’t write “I want to lose weight” ~ instead, write “In my new life, I weigh 140 lbs” (or whatever weight you choose).

2) ORGANIZE YOUR GOALS:   Looking at your vision, begin to create short and long term goals.  This helps prioritize.  The short term goals are easier to tackle while the long term goals take several steps.  For example, if you want to sell your house, that is a long term goal.   Calling a Realtor and researching the market are short term goals.

3) BE REALISTIC:   Don’t set yourself up for failure!  Get rich quick schemes and lose 10 lbs in 2 days DON’T WORK!   Setting a long term goal of losing 50 lbs is great.  But the reality is losing 5 lbs per month is manageable.   Break it down and you will succeed.

4) BE FLEXIBLE:   Be ready to adjust as necessary.   As you go through the steps to reach your goals, you may even decide to change some goals.  That’s okay, as long as you are still working toward your vision.

5) BE ACCOUNTABLE:   Keep your goals in check and always ask - is what I am doing truly helping me still reach my goal?  If the answer is no, STOP DOING IT!  This part might be easy or it might be the most difficult part of change.  Making the decision to get more exercise is easy.  Severing a relationship with toxic friends or even a family member is more difficult.  Having a support system or a counselor is a huge help when considering these changes and following through.  Either way, do what you need to create your new life!

6) BE PERSISTENT:    Persistence pays off, eventually!   You just have to be willing to put in the time.

Take charge of your life.   Nobody will take charge of it for you nor should they have to.

It's your it!!!

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