National Suicide Prevention Week!!!

Suicide is a difficult issue for most of us to understand.  We all have bad days now and then.  For most of us, we get through them because we know bad days are not forever.  That's why it is difficult to understand how someone could feel so bad that they would end their life!!

For them, the bad days seem forever.  So much so, suicide becomes their only option.  Suicide is not something that happens quickly but is a process.  It begins with a thought that comes and goes, over and over again.  Eventually, after thinking about it long enough, it becomes a reality.

September 5 - 11, 2010 is National Suicide Prevention Week!!!  In honor of this week, I, along with others, shared our stories!!!  It is our hope that these stories will reach out to others who are hurting, confused, and grieved by this difficult loss.

Thousands of people are touched by suicide everyday.  Whether you lost someone to suicide or are struggling yourself, you are definitely not alone!!  The only way we can help save lives is to talk about it.  Please consider sharing your story!!!

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