Let's be honest!

"Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened" ~ Winston Churchill

When I think of truth, I think of contradiction, a paradox!  We continually wrestle with our deepest desire for it and yet are painfully aware of our discomfort with it.  Because truth, like a razor, has the power to cut straight through the center of our hearts.  When it does, we know in that instant, we do not want to hear it.  So we settle for lies and then are offended when we are lied to!

When we ask for advice, look for guidance, or assistance in a situation, we desire change.  But we often want our external world to change to ease our discomfort.  While our initial desire is sincere, our deepest desire remains strong, and that is to be comforted by the deceptive cloud of our own reality.  Our need to remain deceived is often stronger.  So fused are we to our own version of truth that when challenged, we fight, even to the death to defend it.  We justify and rationalize all the while missing opportunities for growth and healing.  Yet, it is our internal world that must change because a true change involves an honest look at ourselves.  It requires a mirror to reflect on all the parts of our being, good and bad.

This leaves one question...how honest do we really want people to be?  Are we really looking for insight and understanding or do we just want people to tell us what we want to hear?  The way to know this is by our reaction.  When we start to get too close to the truth, do we back away, smile, and pretend as if nothing has happened; do we get angry; do we make excuses; do we blame others; OR do we see this as an opportunity to take in their words, listen, ponder, reflect, and maybe, just maybe, move toward wholeness???

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