Just ignore it!!!

Through the luck of my genetics, I have issues with my spine.  Over the years, it has become progressively worse and as a result, I tend to pull my back muscles.  It has been manageable so far but I notice it getting worse over time.  In fact, I endured significant back pain this past August causing me to be bedridden for nearly a week.  Given that recent incident, you would think I would learn to be more careful and pay attention to the signs!!

Well, a few weeks ago, I did it again!  Though I was not bedridden, I began to feel the pain long before it got bad ~ yet, I did not stop.  I continued pushing myself through my work and responsibilities.  It was not until I was in so much pain that I finally made the much needed appointment to see my chiropractor.  How interesting that I suddenly had the time.

This led me to think of how reactive, rather than proactive, we tend to be.  Why do we need to be in tremendous pain before we finally address an issue?  Or is it just me?  Yet, we tend to avoid problems by dismissing and/or ignoring many of the warnings signs.  But as we know, ignoring problems only makes them worse.  Though we regularly encounter many signs, as long as it is not "really bad," we make excuses, turn a blind eye, and go on with our day.  Instead of being proactive, we react only when it becomes unbearable.

Yet, even our own bodies know when to respond.  When an "intruder" enters, our brains immediately send out signals.  White blood cells get into position and fight.  Sometimes we develop a fever in an effort to eradicate the enemy.  Our bodies push us to sleep to conserve energy for battle.  Without forethought, our brains immediately go into proactive mode and address the problem head on.  Our brains do not wait until it gets "really bad."

Think of our many problems and situations.  Whether it be our health, finances, businesses, marriages and family, home or auto repairs, etc.  We all experience them.  You know the routine ... "suddenly" you realize a huge problem in the upstairs bathroom and think, "Why did this have to happen today?"  As if some other day would have been better.  But let's be honest, no day is a good day for home repairs!!  Yet, if we really think about it, the warning signs were there.  If only we had taken the time to pay attention earlier, maybe it would not have gotten this bad.  Instead, we chose to ignore it ... that is ... until we were forced not to.

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Melissa Shell said...

I am really glad I stopped by here - after seeing that you had retweeted one of my blog posts.

I really liked what you had to say in this article, and I agree with it. I think we all have a tendency to ignore what our body and brain is telling us.

I know that is exactly what I did when my depression was very severe.