Suicide is a community problem!

I awoke to this morning's paper and on the front page read, "Ex-Griffith teen dies in suicide pact."  Immediately, I feel my heart go out to the families.  As I read further, I find not one suicide but two, and they were only 14 years old!  How sad to think, at this tender age, these girls felt suicide was their only option.

As we work through the grief of losing someone to suicide, the questions begin.  We try to figure it out with the nagging question, "Why?"  Unfortunately, although we may find some of the answers, many will go unanswered forever.  We can never really know because the only one who can tell us is gone.  We have no choice but to learn to live with the grief and pain.

So how do we know someone is thinking about suicide?  It is easy to question if we can even do anything about it at all.  And if so, what?  After all, how can we know anyone is considering suicide?  But the truth is, suicide is a community problem and together, we can do something about it.  We can find out what is brewing underneath, we can learn the warning signs, we can become alert to the possibility of suicide.  How do we do this?  The first thing we must do is talk about it and share what we've come to understand!

One thing we have learned is it is not any one factor that leads to suicide.  Suicide is much more complex.  Rather, it is a multitude of factors that converge together creating the perfect storm.  It is also not how we may perceive the problems, but rather, how the person in pain perceives those problems.  That combination of factors along with their perception leads to distress, chaos, confusion, and pain.  That combination becomes lethal.

As a person who also lost someone to suicide, my heart goes out the the families, friends, and community members hurting over this senseless loss.  My hope is you find peace and comfort in each other as you work through this tragedy.

It is also my hope that we be a voice for others who have experienced this loss.  If you have lost someone to suicide or if you have considered and/or even attempted suicide, know that you are definitely not alone!  Please feel free to share your story.  Let's talk about it and start healing!!

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sarah said...

this is really sad but I understand...too well...when you're squeezed by darkness and it looks like there's no way out.