It's time to clean out the fridge!!!

Last week, my family was enjoying a wonderful dinner together. We had juicy steak on the grill, baked potatoes, and a big salad ~ one of our favorite meals!  Upon getting ready to dive into my salad, though, I decided to try another dressing.  I looked in the fridge and found an unopened bottle, one I had not recognized before, and interestingly, I didn't even remember purchasing.  In any event, it looked good.  But, as I got ready to pour the dressing, I began to notice the expiration date ... 2009!!  Wow, I thought.  How did that end up in my fridge for so long?  Even worse, what other expired things are living there?

So, after dinner, my husband and I decided to investigate all that had taken up residence in our fridge.  As it happens, we found tons of expired items, things that were there for years but never noticed!  It seemed they ended up in the back of the fridge, as new items replaced their spots.  Some jars were old and crusty while other containers housed left overs that, I'm embarrassed to say, were growing things.  GROSS!!  Why in the world did we hold onto these things ... and for so long?  We obviously did not need them yet they were taking up valuable space in our fridge.  Though they were there for years, we looked right past them.

As I cleaned I began to think of how tightly we tend to hold onto things.  We buy, buy, buy, and then shove them in the back, forgotten about.  Going even deeper than that, what about the emotions we protect ... all the anger, fear, hurts, pain, resentment, unforgiveness that are faithfully housed in the back of our heart?  After a while, we don't even realize they are there.  Like our fridge, we allow our hearts to become icy tombs preserving all those negative emotions and attitudes, all the while they are growing old, crusty, and festering toxins in our bodies.

How odd it is to learn something from an appliance, but I did.  With that, I made a decision ~ it's time to clean out my fridge.  It's time to investigate what I am housing in my heart and remove those toxins.  May you also find the strength to clean out your fridge.  It may not be an easy journey but it will be an amazing one, and well worth the effort.

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Grace Cherian said...

Hi Britta,

Great segue from cleaning out the fridge to getting rid of unnecessary things and emotions!